Trade options as fast as

you can CLICK!

Introducing TradeHull’s 1-click options execution tool for traders to “click buy”, “click sell”, “click & trade”

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Manage Option trading Effortlessly

1 click execution

Manage all your options trades and adjustments in 1 click.

Realtime data

Tick data updates in real-time on option chain.

Dedicated Support

Experience strong care for your every market need and upgrade

Supported Brokers.


  • 1-click execution - Buy/ Sell predefined quantity in just a click
  • Scalpers and High Frequency trader's friendly
  • Excel interface for easy management at user level
  • Support - 1 Year support
  • Customisation & Automation - Customise as per your need
  • Lifetime validity - No Expiry
  • Order slicing - Trade with Big Quantity in a single click

Base Price - 25,000 + GST

# Any custom requirements/ additions are possible.

# Customisation/ modication will be charged as per efforts

WhatsApp - +917011533217

Our Clients Love us ❣️

Excellent Software and Technical support Service are good.

- Ronak Mistry

Superb App... Its User friendly... Back office support is also Good...

- Amit Rai