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Develop your algo, Yourself!

6th grade to 60+ & 7/10 full time traders

are now Algo Traders

Introducing TradeHull Algo Trading Mentorship Program

for Professional Traders,

to Design, Test & Automate high reward/risk trading systems

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How TradeHull ensure results?


It starts from coding basics, follow our tested methods to develop strategies, leverage code base written by our professionals and a lots of hands-on practice & testing by students themselves with mentor’s support in live sessions

Our students knows how to write algo code to:

  • Integrate broker’s API for data
  • Back test many strategies with possible P&L and RR - shortlist profitable trading strategies
  • Optimise back-testing for better P&L and RR- Apply a pro technique, to achieve highest possible profitability
  • Run live Paper trade to validate back testing results
  • Cloud deployment (AWS) for live algo to start actual trading - observe results
  • Handle & manage possible errors at broker’s end
  • ...And much more!
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Additional VALUE:

Technical Support :

Share your errors, receive solution from experts

Lifetime Access:

Every class is recorded end to end. Repeat as many time as required.

Code-base access:

Receive access to the code files written by our experts. Coding becomes plug-and-play and FUN


  • Start date - 24-Aug-24
  • Program Duration - 2.5 months approx. (Can extend by a 1-2 weeks)
  • Investment - 60,000 + GST
  • Batch max strength - 10 (We CAN NOT accommodate more students if batch is full)

Time is ticking

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Our Students love us ❣️

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Late Review :

2020 November I took Tradehull course for learning algo trading.

I am proud to tell today I have made some of good algos and lots of people are using my algos for their trading.

It has also improved consistency and profitability for all my users as well.

- Vishal

Algorithmic trading course, taught by Imran Sir is very Good. The course content is also very organized and easily understood by everyone including a person who does not have any coding background. I would strongly recommend this course to every trader.

jagadish chakravarthi

algorithmic trading course
Python concepts well explained with reference to trading framework.
Systematic step by step building of algos. Learnt many new things.

~ Deepak Rajadhyaksha

The algorithmic trading course is a comprehensive and well-rounded program that equips traders with the necessary tools and techniques to succeed in the modern financial landscape. The combination of expert instruction, practical application, and extensive resources makes it an invaluable investment for anyone serious about mastering algorithmic trading. I highly recommend this course to both novice and experienced traders looking to elevate their trading game. Thank you Imran sir and tradehull team

~ Mahesh Shinde

Thanks to tradehull for currently I developed 4 profitable algo for options and cash both.

- Aditya Raj

Algorithmic Trading Course is a need of almost every trader. The contents of this course are very useful and the way of explaining the things is extra ordinary.

- Atul Bhilare

I am having great experience to learn Algorithmic trading course at TradeHull. Before this course, I had no experience with coding, but Imran sir has taught so well that it makes very easy to do things...

- Girish Munot

I was a student of Algorithmic trading course. Imran Sir has a good explanation style, I was trying to learn python for algos for a long time but failed, but after getting connected with Imran sir, I finally succeeded in creating my own algo. Would recommend everyone to join Tradehull and get connected with Imran sir.

- sampreet singh matharoo

I am very happy on my decision to trust TradeHull for this course on Algo trading using python. The course content was very nicely structures to be a cakewalk even for a person with no python knowledge. Special thanks to Imran sit for his great presentation skills and patience. Life long forum support exclusively for students is priceless.

- Vishal

Awesome team with great learning content. Best part is there Instructor Imran Sir. He can explain everything about algo even to a non coder person. If you want to become an independent algo trader, its best option to go with. By nature he is gold and by knowledge he is really a algo master.

- Diwakar Singh

Mr.Imran explains very nicely in easy language. Basic fundamentals of the algorithmic trading explained in clear way and any novice in algorithmic trading, can understand easily in TRADEHULL BASIC ALGO COURSE.

- Manish Chauhan

Hi there, I watched their videos and got to know more about them. Started a nice discussion with Mayank, a very understanding guy and later started learning from Imran, who is a good mentor, why to say good because if someone is ready to make you understand in a better way as he knows that shows his humbleness and mentoring capabilities, he is always trying to go a mile ahead to share knowledge and tricks with his learners. Overall Mayank, Imran and Sweta all are doing wonders at @TradeHull, thanks for mentoring me 😊, keep it up 👍...

- kranti Sanglam

My experience with Tradehull is like learning Algo Trading from industry masters. learning master degree from masters

- Mohammed Rizwan

Best and most simplified Algo Class, Imran Sir has very good clarity

- Basavraj Advitot

One of the trusted person in Algo training for retail traders. But end of the day your learning will depends on how much practice we completed in coding.

- Venkat Nagam

great team , great teaching , fantastic support.

- Shubham khandelwal

Efforts are 100% and emotions are zero with their service results.

- Chaitanya Tata

Excellent training.

- Rajiv Arora

I'm happy with the quality of teaching and understanding the complex topic very easily.

- Jignesh Patel

A great experience here👍

- Shuvajit Chakraborty

Imran sir teach every concepts so simply and to point so every one can code even not from coding background. I am not from coding background but also I made my algo and working with that due to Imran sir

- Hiren Vagadia

Superb solution for aspirant Traders. You will learn more than just coding.. Highly recommended..

- Manoj Sukhwal

Tradehull providing a good algo trading making lecture. Imran sir is a very good instructor. He is very knowledgeable instructor with polite talk

- Nitin Gupta

Thank You Imran Sir. The course on Algo Trading execution on python is really helpful. The course has been very exciting and got very good insight in trading thru algo. Look forward to learning more

- Naveen D